Basically, we market your website on search engines, mostly with Google.

When someone 'googles" a service , your website link will pop up , & when a user clicks on YOUR link , then an amount gets deducted from your budget. so you only pay for people that come to your website, thereby attracting business you never had before... It REALLY WORKS !!


Benefits of search engines


Why do you need Search Engine Marketing?


Why act now?

Q. When one of your potential customers conducts a query via a major search engine, only one of two outcomes is possible

1. They will find your website
2. They will find your competitor’s website.

Which will it be?

A. The answer is entirely dependent upon your website’s visibility amongst the search engines. If your website is not performing well, every time the customer queries the keyword or phase relevant to your website’s product or service offering, your company is losing potential business!

So don’t wait any longer, ACT NOW!

You will find below a table of what we offer and their prices.

R1000per month R3000per month R5000per month R8000per month R10000per month
Small package , average google presence Recommended for most companies. Perfect for substantial sales Ideal for being ahead of your competitor Expect good feedback with high turnover

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